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ISC Group 

ISC Group’s mission is to support the retention, attraction and promotion of women in the insurance industry to aid culture change in leadership and improve business results for all. 

There is no one size, fits all approach to diversifying the workplace, therefore we believe having an industry community and a holistic program tailored specifically to women at different stages of their career helps accelerate women through the pipeline, in turn aiding diversification and creating a new inclusive culture.

About us

We initially launched as a network for senior women in the UK but quickly developed into a global business community uniting women across the world. It is this global experience that we built our four key pillars around:
  • Networking
  • Mentoring 
  • Coaching 
  • Business Insights 

General Membership:

For all women in the insurance sector. 

Benefits include:

  • Access to live daily broadcasts and recordings
    • Live keynote interviews or panel discussions on a variety of topical subjects. All are recorded and stored in the online hub for members to access                                                            
  • Monthly virtual global networking opportunities:
    • Opportunities for members to network with other women in insurance around the world. These sessions are facilitated by members from the ISC Community.                                                            
  • Opportunity to join ISC Global Working Groups:
    • Our members are committed to supporting broader society and these groups work to promote and educate the insurance industry on some of the ongoing initiatives and charitable organisations available.                                                            

The following membership criteria are applicable to submit an application for admission. 

  • Members is restricted to women only
  • Members must practice within and on behalf of a company or a group of companies belonging to the insurance industry or insurance group of their organisation.

Application Validation:

  • Applications are subject to the approval and should be in compliance with the membership criteria referred to. 
  • Anyone applying for membership must submit a Biography and Headshot, which will then be submitted to the directory / website once the membership has been validated.
  • Membership includes the commitment to adhere to, apply and abide by the values advocated by ISC.
  • For questions, you may contact ISC Group directly at
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