Membership Application 2021


ISC Group 

A business community that provides personal, professional and business development for women in insurance. 

We aim to help the industry provide equal opportunities in business by supporting the retention, attraction and promotion of women, in turn aiding culture change in leadership and improving business results for all. 

About us 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to diversifying the workplace. Therefore, we believe having a global industry community and a holistic programme tailored specifically to women at different stages of their career which helps accelerate them through the pipeline, and in turn aids diversification and creates a new inclusive culture. 

We provide personal, professional and business development opportunities for all women through an extensive online and in person offering.

Membership options 

General Membership                           

Free to all women in the Insurance Sector 

Access to weekly live and on-demand broadcasts featuring a range of industry experts. In addition to this, you will be able to sign up to our regular networking opportunities, either through our regular forums , through our Working Groups or simply just our informal roundtables

Emerging Membership

Women looking to manage a team in the insurance sector.                        

In addition to General Membership, Emerging Members get access to monthly workshops which provide useful business connections as well as education around career progression tools. 

Aspire Membership                                             

Women approaching a leadership role in the insurance sector. 

In addition to General Membership, Aspire Members get access to bi-monthly workshops which aid career development and build a community of future leaders. 

Executive Membership                       

Female Executives in the insurance sector.                        

In addition to General Membership, Executive Members get access to monthly Roundtables which aid leadership development and build business relationships. 

Application Validation:

  • Applications are subject to the approval and should be in compliance with the membership criteria referred to. 
  • Anyone applying for membership must submit a Biography and Headshot, which will then be submitted to the directory / website once the membership has been validated.
  • Membership  include the commitment to adhere to, apply and abide by the values advocated by ISC.
  • For questions, you may contact ISC Group directly at
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